Just Odd Enough For Just You Plush, Punk, Macabre & Sweet in all the colours you wish to repeat!
Candycorn Halloween Twist Earrings by AmyLinesAndColour
Royal Mischief Octopus Tentacle Stud Earrings by AmyLinesAndColour
Post Convention SALE!! ~ Get them WHILE THEY LAST

I will not be making any more of these designs until my next convention in 8 months time, so if you see something you like, snap it up before it’s gone!

Sorry for the low quality photos!

Send me an ask or and e-mail to justoddenough@gmail.com if interested in purchasing. I accept paypal!


EARRINGS: Were $15 a pair, now $13 a pair! Only two pairs of each available!

NECKLACES: Were $10, now $8 each! Available with silver, bronze or gold chain!






*shipping not included in price, can be shipped flat rate letter mail.

Quick shot of geekery and a few of my own personal designs. Geekery will be available at conventions and by special Christmas Request List only. Original Designs will be added to my shop as soon as the chain and findings come in so I can finish them up! :D
Long Cat Is LOOOoooooOOooong~
Quicky photo! Laser cut bookmarks!
Laser Cut Jewelry Is A GO!!!

I will be putting in my order this week!! So excited!

In the mean time I will be posting photos of new colour combos and some halloweeny cuteness that I have made in the last week while we wait!

Big Ideas In The Works!

Sorry for lack of activity here for a little while guys! Had a ‘BLURG’ week or two, but now the muse is back and there are BIG THINGS coming to Just Odd Enough! SOON!

I can’t WAIT to show you all the new fun stuff I’m making!

In the mean time, here is a gif reprecenting the state of my sanity at this moment:

Just Odd Enough Crafts Etsy Shop!

I have reached a WONDERFUL mile stone! Over $300 purchased through my Etsy shop alone in the bare month and a half it has been open! Before Christmas season even!

Let’s see if we can continuously increase that number aye? Thank you so much to all of my customers across Canada and the United States!

Raffle Winner To Be Announced

Alrighty! For everyone who entered the raffle a winner has been chosen! Just waiting for a reply to the message I sent them to see if they wish to collect their prize!